Greenford International Logistics participated in the first live cargo festival

                  Date: 2020.06.03
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                  On the afternoon of May 29th, Greenroad International Logistics Live show with Goods was successfully launched!By three year round shuttle in the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Black Sea, the Middle East region of the "trapeze" group king Fried belt to bring you far beyond the imagination of the benefits and huge benefits.
                  This live broadcast has attracted more than 16,700 viewers in total, and Kuaishou has gained more than 28,000 heat!In the broadcast room due to network instability, the resumption of live broadcast, but still sprint to the national list of the 9th good results!

                  The live broadcast officially started at 3:00 PM and was divided into three parts.
                  PART 01- Wang Hao, ace of international logistics
                  22 years of history
                  First of all, Wang Hao introduced greenroad International Logistics as a whole.Greenroad International Logistics was founded in 1998, headquartered in Shanghai, and has branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Urumqi, Xi 'an, Dalian, Hefei, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Lhasa and Zhangmu ports.And green ford international logistics as one of the earliest national logistics enterprises to overseas Chinese, since 7 years toward the southern tip of the Sahara desert Mali, Niger, overseas network layout, gradually from the area to the East Africa, west Africa to the black sea, from South Asia area, in turn, to the americas across the Pacific Ocean, so far, in Africa, Asia, America and the black sea region has established a relatively complete branches, a total of 38 radiation area area all the way, have the ability for the majority of the globalization of Chinese companies to provide customized service of door to door more valuable experience.
                  Wang hao then introduced that Greenroad International Logistics recently reached a cooperation agreement with CosCO Shipping, which will help China's top shipping "go ashore" and expand end-to-end service products from Djibouti to Ethiopia, Kenya to Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda.

                  Greenrord International Logistics will always adhere to the development idea of "national, Chinese and world" and the concept of "zero distance between architecture and the world". In recent years, it will strive to build the service advantages of logistics enterprises with Chinese characteristics and famous overseas:
                  The perfection of its own network advantages;
                  Synchronization of localization and independence;
                  Professional team building at home and abroad;
                  Ability to organize and coordinate resources.
                  PART 02- Wang Wei, international engineering project logistics master
                  Greenrord International Logistics five overseas regions, four products
                  Peter Wang first described the company's five overseas regions:
                  East Africa: East Africa branch was established around 2013, from the vast and wild east African savannah and the magnificent beauty of the Great Rift Valley and The Roof of Africa, we cover door to door business in South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Malawi and other countries.
                  West Africa: West Africa branch was established in 2009, before and after respectively rooted in south of the Sahara desert coastal greenbelts, full of vitality, is also the first green ford international logistics to the overseas area, has a long history of logistics experience, French to the west African countries Senegal, ivory coast, benin, Togo, Niger and Mali.
                  Asia: Established around 2010, Greenroad International Logistics' first overseas multimodal transport business was born in Afghanistan. In 1998, greenroad International Logistics undertook the reconstruction project of Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, and mainly transported to Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
                  America: The American branch was established around 2016, which started in South America and gradually expanded to North America. It established a firm foothold in the oil city of Houston, paving the way for oil and gas offshore industry projects, and realized direct logistics in Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Mexico along the Andes in South America.
                  Black Sea: The Black Sea branch was established around 2014. It not only has beautiful scenery and mellow wine from the Caucasus plateau, but also has the footprints of logistics companies ahead of us, including door-to-door logistics business in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
                  Then the four major product logistics services are introduced:
                  Engineering logistics: international engineering project logistics and transportation business is the supporting logistics service for overseas project implementation in recent years following the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy and following large central enterprises and state-owned enterprises to "go global" enterprises.
                  Contract logistics: Since the service mode of the logistics industry is generally to sign a certain period of logistics service contract with the enterprise, so some people call the third party logistics contract logistics.
                  International private goods moving and air transport business: the company has a professional team for your personal customized suitable for your moving business, door-to-door consultation, door-to-door measurement, door-to-door packaging, door-to-door relocation and other one-stop services, more can achieve real-time tracking of logistics dynamics.
                  International trade supply: mainly provides the bulk trade purchase business, the characteristic agricultural product import business, the trade purchase agency business.
                  PART 03- Licensing of Experts in International Trade and Supply Chain
                  Greenlight International Trade, greenroad international logistics subsidiary, is introduced in detail with its derivative services.
                  The main service of Greenlight is based on the global network layout of Greenroad International Logistics. Its services are mainly divided into three parts:
                  1. Bulk trade procurement
                  At present, greenlight's main products are asphalt and steel.Greenlight has preferential supply agreements with a number of asphalt producers, some of whom have exclusive agency rights to sell in specific areas.It has established good long-term business contacts in East Africa, West Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries.Our company has close cooperation and trust with overseas multinational manufacturers, and can meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent.Relying on the superior and fast international transportation conditions of the head office Greenroad International Logistics, Greenlight International trade can achieve a one-stop service that other companies cannot match.
                  2. Import business of featured agricultural products
                  Greenroad International Logistics' overseas network covers many regions and countries, each with its own unique products.Stalin's native Georgia, for example, is famous for its rich wine.Senegal is called the country of peanuts because its main agricultural products are peanuts and peanut oil.Cote d 'Ivoire is the world's largest producer of cocoa and cashews.
                  3. Trade procurement agency business
                  We can also provide import and export agency business for customers who have not obtained import and export qualifications or have no relevant experience;Provide relevant agent service for customers who cannot purchase materials

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