East Africa route, all the way through

                  Date: 2020.06.03
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                  When COSCO COSCO Shipping launched the new East Africa routes EAX1 and EAX2, Greenford International Logistics service from China to East Africa can be upgraded again to provide customers with more convenient, hassle-free, diversified and flexible transportation experience.This upgrade will help you carry out this major airline product upgrade in the East African market, which will bring you a more stable schedule and more convenient service experience.
                  Greenford International Logistics is committed to providing customers with end-to-end integrated services, land and water transport, seamless docking.Truly create a zero distance architecture between you and the world.
                  01. Route EAX1
                  It is connected to Mombasa port in Kenya alone, and the whole service goes directly to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Somalia and other inland points.
                  Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou direct Mombasa full speed up, optimize the delivery time.
                  ▼ EAX1 carrier ▼
                  Shanghai to Mombasa in 22 days
                  20 days from Ningbo to Mombasa
                  17 days from Nansha to Mombasa
                  Singapore to Mombasa in 13 days
                  The new EAX1 route is scheduled to open in Shanghai on May 21
                  02. EAX2 route
                  It is attached to the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, and fully upgraded full-service reaches landlocked places such as Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia, South Sudan and The Democratic Republic of Congo.
                  Multi-shipment from China port to Lessalam via Singapore EAX2 Express, which can shorten delivery time and provide customers with more flexible and fast transshipment options.
                  ▼ EAX2 ▼
                  10 days from Singapore to Dar es Salaam
                  The new EAX2 route is scheduled to become operational on June 4 (Singapore)
                  Greenford International Logistics, established in 1998, is a national first-class freight forwarder authorized by the Ministry of Commerce.In 2007, we started business in Africa and set up overseas branches.All branches in Africa and overseas are closely linked and provide integrated freight operations.
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