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                  Date: 2020.06.03
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                  Shanghai greenlight international trading co., LTD was established in 2012.Over the years, the company with head office at green transport of goods agents on a global scale the advantage of more than 40 branch company, for our customers to provide quality such as purchasing agent service (third country material procurement, parts, oil and gas exploration equipment procurement agent, etc.), including building materials such as asphalt, cement and steel, and bulk materials purchase supplies, etc.The company is committed to building China's largest and most professional goods and technology import and export business, to achieve the mechanical and electrical equipment, instruments, electronic products, building and decoration materials, metal materials, chemical raw materials and products, plastic products, international shipping, international engineering projects door to door transport of export-oriented international trade enterprises.
                  01. Agricultural products
                  Georgian wine

                  Known as the home and birthplace of wine, Georgia is the oldest wine producer in the world, with the most favorable geographical conditions for grape growth -- favorable climate and fertile soil.Archaeological experts in Georgia have discovered the earliest traces of wine dating back 7,000 years. As an important hub of the ancient silk road, Georgia brought grapes and wine to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The word "wine" in English, French, German and Russian comes from the Georgian language.
                  Shukuman wine Georgia was founded in 2006 by German investment businessman buhan schumann.The chateau has 100 hectares of vineyards, mainly producing European and traditional wines.The landscape, temperature, humidity and water quality of the vineyard are very suitable for the growth of grapes. At the same time, manual picking is used to ensure the original taste of grapes.
                  Shukuman wines are sold to Russia, Ukraine, Western Europe and the Baltic states, kazakhstan, China and the United States.

                  02. Bulk trade
                  We rely on head office under the background of professional advantages and strength, with more than domestic machinery and equipment, building materials, hardware tools, wire and cable, tires, asphalt and steel supply manufacturers such as signed agreement based on corporation ports all over the country and overseas branches directly under support, international multimodal transport integration advantage, can provide the DDU/DDP for customers at home and abroad, TO feel feel purchasing agents, sales agents, logistics solution design.
                  Our services
                  We rely on the head office of the country's ports, overseas branches, international multi-modal transport integration advantage support, for domestic and foreign customers to provide procurement outsourcing, logistics planning and implementation, import and export agents, global distribution and other supply chain services.Through supply chain integration, to achieve one-stop service goals, is committed to build China's largest, most professional engaged in import and export business of goods and technologies to achieve mechanical and electrical equipment, instruments and meters, electronic products, building decoration materials, metal materials, chemical raw materials and products, plastic products, international ocean shipping, international project door to door service, export-oriented international trade enterprises.Make you complete the domestic and foreign trade business with the lowest cost, realize the profit maximization.
                  The company vision
                  Greenlight international trade has always been adhering to the rigorous and efficient spirit of craftsman, we live up to the great trust, excellence, and constantly won the trust and support of customers in many fields of large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad.Continuous progress and innovation are our eternal pursuit.
                  In the future, the company's long-term development plan is to establish overseas warehouses in various trading countries to improve its export competitiveness.This not only enable