Logistics status and Countermeasures in the anti epidemic period

                  Date: 2020.02.08
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                  This spring festival because the new coronavirus broke all the tranquility, I believe that there are many friends at home "isolation", in the critical moment not to add chaos to the country, is the greatest contribution! Countless positive energy and touching deeds on the network are swiped on the screen over and over again, and our logistics personnel have certainly not forgotten their responsibilities during this period, silently contributing their own power to the fight against the epidemic and prevention and control of the epidemic, and we are acting!

                  We are with you all the time, Greenford international logistics people have been in action! Xiaobian believes that everything will eventually pass, and the people of the whole country will unite to fight the "epidemic" together, and we will certainly be able to overcome the difficulties and see the bright moon! Now that Wuhan Huoshen mountain has been built and will be put into use soon, we firmly believe that the dawn of victory is ahead~
                  The following is an introduction to the important information points of Guildford international logistics during the epidemic. I hope it can help you, and I suggest you collect them for a rainy day.
                  How about the operation of Greenford international logistics domestic port
                  Are domestic cargo ports affected?
                  Affected by the new coronavirus, at the request of the enterprise and on the basis of soliciting opinions from all parties, the situation is as follows:

                  1. What is the normal operation of basic port shore cargo export declaration since? What are the special requirements for customs declaration?
                  East China: Shanghai Customs has returned to normal declaration; on the import declaration of epidemic prevention and control materials, Shanghai Customs has issued the official customs clearance guide, and other general goods have not issued the update requirements of customs clearance process
                  2. What is the normal operation date of booking, releasing and document operation of major shipping companies?
                  East China: the shipping company will work at home before February 10, and can contact below by email / wechat / QQ / to arrange booking, releasing and document confirmation. Before February 10, there will be on duty personnel in the office to handle on-site emergency affairs
                  3. What are the conditions of the main warehouses and motorcades used in the cargo gathering port? Are the vehicles and drivers on standby for business?
                  East China: generally, the warehouse will resume work on February 10, and the warehousing and packing will be resumed; the fleet trailer has been gradually restored
                  4. What should be paid attention to when arranging the shipment of goods at this stage?
                  East China:
                  About the warehouse: please remind the drivers to cooperate with the temperature measurement before entering the warehouse. After entering the warehouse, they must wear masks and follow the instructions of the warehouse staff to move in the designated area. They are not allowed to walk around at will. If any driver and following personnel do not wear masks, they are not allowed to enter. The warehouse has the right to refuse to provide unloading service for the vehicle. From now on, all personnel entering the company's site must take temperature measurement and wear masks. Those who wear masks and have normal temperature can enter the site until the government announces the termination of the epidemic
                  About the trailer: the driver of the team must wear a mask all the way in the yard and the factory
                  About the storage yard: the majority of suitcase drivers have been informed to wear masks, otherwise they have the right not to put the suitcase
                  About the wharf: all personnel entering the site must wear masks all the way
                  5. Overseas requirements for Chinese transport ships (Shanghai Port Group)
                  Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic situation, Shanggang group launched the "safe and stable business" warehouse use fee reduction policy, so that customers can more flexibly arrange the import and export of goods in a special period. Shanggang group's "installation and stability" warehouse use fee reduction policy: for customers who apply for the plan of bringing in heavy containers (domestic and foreign trade containers) from 0:00 on February 2, 2020, they are exempted from the use fee of heavy containers in the wharf during the period from January 24 to February 9, 2020. The specific fee is directly deducted when customers apply for the plan of lifting heavy containers.
                  The impact of the epidemic on different parts of the country is as follows:

                  Tianjin new port customs is scheduled to handle the major customs clearance business on February 4 and 7. Dongjiang customs implements the pre clearance system, and informs the pre appointment contact person one day in advance if there is any customs clearance demand. Dongjiang customs advocates "do not meet" office, making full use of telephone, mobile phone, wechat and other means of communication. If enterprises need to submit paper documents, they can post them by EMS or SF express. If you need to meet and handle relevant business, please go to the middle island on the second floor of Block E for consultation, and relevant staff will inform relevant departments to go to the site.

                  Due to the impact of the epidemic, according to the requirements of the national and local epidemic prevention measures, the working time of the warehouse was postponed to February 10. Please understand the inconvenience. Shenzhen team has drivers in Shenzhen, and the wharf works normally, among which the yard should wait until No. 10 to start construction. If you play singles to the outside yard, you should apply with the ship owner for the wharf suitcase. At present, as all suppliers, shipowners and customs are on duty, the waiting time of each process is a little longer than before, so the booking and customs clearance of trailers need to be arranged in advance.


                  In view of the severe and complex situation of the development of the new coronavirus epidemic situation, in order to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, the commencement time is temporarily adjusted to the official work order on Monday, February 10. If there is any change, please inform us separately. We apologize for the inconvenience. At present, the warehouse and customs broker need to go to No. 10 for loading and unloading and receiving orders. Among them, the booking can be arranged, the shipping company's business is normal, and the enterprises in Guangzhou need to apply to the streets for resumption of work.
                  In order to strengthen the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection, several local governments in mainland China have issued a notice to delay the resumption of work, and extended the Spring Festival holiday in 2020 to February 9, 2020. In order to better cooperate with the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection, and assist customers to arrange imported goods more flexibly during this period, Guildford international logistics will provide customers in mainland China with a special import free period from January 27, 2020 to February 9, 2020 (this arrangement does not include terminal storage fee). At the same time, before returning to work, Greenford international logistics has fully adopted online office, and customers can consult relevant businesses at any time. All sales and customer service personnel of Greenford international logistics communicate with customers online at any time. You can also contact the overseas office staff. The normal work of the overseas office is not enough for domestic influence.

                  National customs "zero delay" inspection and release of imported epidemic prevention and control materials
                  According to the statistics of the customs, 7880 batches of epidemic prevention and control materials were imported on January 30, totaling 21.968 million pieces, worth 190 million yuan, of which 39% were protective articles, totaling 21.745 million pieces, worth 74.132 million yuan, mainly including 20825000 masks, 32000 goggles, 259000 protective clothing, 3000 disinfection articles, worth 21000 yuan, 4900 medical devices, worth 9.765 million yuan.
                  From January 24 to 30, 16139 batches of epidemic prevention and control materials were imported, with 59.1788 million pieces, worth 290 million yuan, of which 55.2% were protective articles, with 58.853 million pieces, worth 160 million yuan. It mainly includes 56.228 million masks, 69000 pairs of goggles, 738000 pieces of protective clothing, 107000 boxes of drugs, 13.436 million yuan of value, 36000 pieces of disinfection articles, 656000 yuan of value, 95000 pieces of medical devices, 21.281 million yuan of value.

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                  On the evening of January 24, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice to Wuhan Customs, requiring the establishment of a special acceptance window and green channel, handling customs clearance procedures for related materials at the first time, implementing rapid inspection and release of imported donated materials, and notifying all customs to implement by reference.
                  In the early morning of January 26, it was announced that the customs could first register and release the epidemic prevention and control materials donated overseas with the certificate of the competent medical department, and then go through the relevant formalities.
                  On January 27, in accordance with the principle of special affairs and special handling, the General Administration of Customs further formulated and issued a notice to clarify the measures for quick customs clearance of imported epidemic prevention and control materials. For the imported drugs and medical devices specially used for epidemic prevention and control treatment, including epidemic prevention and control materials imported by various means of transportation, carried by passengers and sent by mail and express delivery, the notice should be made as soon as they arrive and ensure "zero delay" in customs clearance In order to prevent and control the epidemic situation in the shortest time, it is required to set up a consultation hotline for all subordinate customs throughout the country, publish it in the main media, assign special personnel to be on duty, respond to the needs of enterprises, answer questions and guide the customs clearance business in the first time, launch the general mechanism for collecting import information of related materials, strengthen the statistics of imported epidemic prevention and control materials, and ensure the supply of epidemic prevention and control materials Barriers provide decision-making reference. At the same time, actively do a good job in the customs clearance service guarantee of materials for Hong Kong and Macao.
                  Greenford international logistics reminds you that some provincial and municipal service arrangements may still be affected by the holiday extension arrangements announced by the local government, and will continue to be updated in a short period of time. Please go to ( for the latest information about the service time and scope of specific affected cities. Thank you for your support and trust!

                  The following is the contact information of Greenford INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS Global Office