Greenroad International Logistics won the 16th China Freight Industry Golden Wheel Award for Innovation

                  Date: 2019.10.30
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                  From April 23rd to 25th, Greenroad International Logistics was invited to participate in the first China (Dongjiang) Shipping Industry Week held in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The event was jointly organized by China Navigation Weekly and Tianjin Dongjiang Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. under the support and guidance of the China Communications and Transportation Association and the People's Government of Tianjin Binhai New Area.
                  During the conference, Greenroad International Logistics won the recognition and high valuation of the overseas service network construction, main business development, project design and implementation in the past year. China's freight industry "Golden Wheel Award" - Innovation Award.
                  Dongjiang Area (Dongjiang Bonded Port Area) of Tianjin Free Trade Zone is located in the northeast of Tianjin Port, with a current area of 10 square kilometers and a planned area of about 30 square kilometers. It is divided into three major areas: the terminal operations area, the logistics processing area and the comprehensive supporting service area. The region’s three leading industries are financial leasing, international trade, and shipping logistics. It is the bonded port area with the most comprehensive functions, the largest area, the most favorable functions, and the highest degree of openness approved by the State Council. It is also the core functional area of the Northern International Shipping Center and the International Logistics Center. In 2018, the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area achieved an import and export of US$19.929 billion. It has become one of the largest bonded import bases in Tianjin, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the Bohai Rim region. It is also the largest aircraft bonded lease center in China and Northeast Asia. .
                  Greenroad International Logistics Tianjin Branch, based on its advantage being adjacent to Tianjin Hub Port and Free Trade Zone, is committed to providing comprehensive logistics services such as international freight forwarding booking, cargo collection and storage, and warehousing for customers and partners in Northern China. In addition, it has the ability to provide customers with efficient and convenient value-added services, and its service scope and business scale have continued to grow and develop. Facing the ever-changing market environment, we look forward to making full use of all kinds of advantageous resources with the support of government departments at all levels, continue to strengthen and expand various businesses, and contribute to the local economic construction!

                  About China (Dongjiang) Shipping Industry Week
                  The first China (Dongjiang) Shipping Industry Week was under the theme of “The Revolution of Shipping Industry in the New Era Background”, with the China Maritime Finance (Dongjiang) International Forum, the “China Shipping 50 Forum” Annual Meeting and the Global Trade and Container Transportation Conference. It is composed of three high-profile brand conferences and related supporting activities with industry influence, attracting nearly 800 guests from more than 300 institutions and more than 50 domestic and foreign media participants.