Congratulations to Greenroad on the "2018 China Shipping Celebrity List"

                  Date: 2019.10.30
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                  At the 2018 Beijing (Xiangshan) International Logistics Forum, held on December 20th, the "2018 China Shipping Celebrity List" was officially announced, and awards were given to shipping influential figures and innovative figures.

                  Selected through four important stages, including candidate selection, public voting, news retrieval (including public news and professional news), and professional review, Greenroad finally won a place on the "2018 China Shipping Celebrity List".


                  Grand Ceremony Highlights



                  Weare very grateful to the organizing committee, the public, and the media for their recognition and praise of Greenroad. We will continue to contribute to the freight industry by adhering to the business philosophies of integrity, professionalism, teamwork, and enterprising.

                  For the shipping industry, 2018 was definitely a year that emphasized changes far beyond the past. The Chinese-U.S. trade war, the IMO limit sulfur order, and other events continue to occur. Regardless if a company is part of the shipping giants' alliance, isan independent shipping company, orone of the many the participants in the supply chain, there is a deep change. However, no matter how fierce the change may be, there are always some beliefs that will be passed on from generation to generation, and that is what the shipping industry is sticking to. It is because of this insistence that they can move forward in the era of change and leave behind their mark.
                  Greenroad won a spot on the "2018 China Shipping Celebrity List". It is an affirmation of the contribution made in the field of logistics for many years, and also encourages the company to unite and forge the future, actively cooperate with the national “Belt and Road” initiative, actively participate in building the local economy, and actively comply with the needs of industrial development.